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How Christie is Attacking His Rivals

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In a foreign policy speech Tuesday, Chris Christie previewed his response to the “newness” of his Senate rivals for the nomination, arguing that new is only good until experience is required. The line, or a variation of it, is sure to be a force against Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and also outsiders Donald Trump and Ben Carson either by Christie or whichever governor has a moment before voters go to the polls.

Republicans are increasingly taking to calling Trump a fascist, as they struggle to find a way to bring him down. John Kasich has essentially devoted his campaign and super PAC to attacking Trump, while an array of outside groups are discussing how they can effectively step in. But so far, those efforts only seem to help the brash former reality television star and businessman, who turns the tables on his attackers with ease and uses the slight as a rallying cry.

Democrats are split on Hillary Clinton‘s tax pledge to forego all increases on those making less than $250,00 a year, with many progressives warning it won’t allow them to pay for the new initiatives they hope to pursue. But the statement is a smart political play, casting her as a defender of the middle class as she seeks to wind up the Democratic nomination.

Bernie Sanders’ lunch date. Meet the outspoken French Ambassador to the U.S. And Donald Trump says he can predict terrorism.

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Sound Off

“New is untarnished. But new is untested. New is not necessarily reliable. New seems fabulous, until the moment comes when you need experience. Experience in taming the bureaucracy. Experience in facing down one’s adversaries, experience in staring down unfair attacks from the media. Experience in formulating policies that will actually work, that can serve people.” — Chris Christie test-driving a new message design to contrast with that of the Senators and political novices in the race

“Another thing that I predicted is terrorism…Because I can feel it. My father always used to say … everything you touch just turns to gold, and he’s got a great sense of location and business and things.” — Donald Trump at a rally in Myrtle Beach Tuesday night

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