November 18, 2015 3:11 PM EST

Pugness Everdeen is giving Jennifer Lawrence a run for her money.

Photogenic puppy and internet icon-in-training Doug the Pug is starving. Don’t worry, though, he’s supposed to be starving because he is starring in his own miniature version of The Hunger Games called The Hungry Games. And you can’t star in The Hungry Games —or do justice to that enchanting dog-sized wig—on a full stomach. Will he be able to survive his time in the arena for Panem’s (and your) entertainment? Will he be able to tolerate wearing a wig for the duration of the video? Will he be able to find something to eat?

Watch the video now, and while it may not inspire you to fight the gender wage gap, it might inspire you to have pizza—made from tesserae, of course.

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