By Tessa Berenson
November 16, 2015

CIA Director John Brennan said he thinks ISIS has other missions planned after Friday’s deadly attack in Paris.

Speaking at a Center for Strategic & International Studies forum Monday, Brennan called ISIS “an organization of murderous sociopaths” and said of the Paris attack, “I certainly would not consider it a one-off event. It is clear to me that ISIS has an external agenda and that they are determined to carry out these types of attacks.”

Brennan continued, “I would anticipate that this is not the only operation ISIL has in the pipeline,” using an alternative acronym for the terrorist group.

“It was not a surprise this attack was carried out,” Brennan said. “We had strategic warning. We knew that planning by ISIL was underway.”

Coordinated attacks by ISIS in Paris Friday killed at least 129 people.

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