David Hasselhoff Claims He Has Changed His Name to David Hoff

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Get used to calling David Hasselhoff by another name.

The actor is claiming that he changed his name to David Hoff, shortening the former moniker we all know so well. However, it’s unclear how serious he is about an official name change.

“I’ve been wanting to drop the Hassel from my life for years. Now, I have made it official – David Hoff,” the 63-year-old says in a straight to the point video shared on his YouTube page.

In case you don’t follow him on YouTube, Hoff made sure to tweet the news, teasing fans with an open-ended message that linked to the video.

“Big news today and a massive relief for me,” he wrote. “I hope everyone can understand…it feels great!”

Fortunately, since many fans already refer to him as “The Hoff,” adjustments should be easy!

This article originally appeared on People.com

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