By Megan McCluskey
November 12, 2015

Kiernan Shipka played Sally Draper, Don’s daughter, on Mad Men for all of the drama’s seven seasons. However, most fans of the AMC drama know that the actor who played Bobby Draper, Don’s son, changed several times throughout the series. In fact, the character was portrayed by eight different boys, according to a list recently posted by Shipka in which she recounted memories of all the “cool kids” who played her onscreen brother.

There are the four Bobbies who most viewers are familiar with who were actually credited on the show, including Bobby #2, Aaron Heart, who “had some pretty cool boots” and Bobby #4, Mason Vale Cotton, who “loves football and can rock a tux.”

However there were also some lesser known Bobbies who were only featured in a single scene or episode, such as “Bucket Head Bobby,” “Pillow Face Bobby” and “Slurpee Bobby,” anointed as such due to his mom’s attempts to bribe him with 7-Eleven slurpees to make him behave.

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