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See How the University of Louisville Swim Team Stayed Entertained During a Flight Delay

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As the holiday travel season rapidly approaches—and travelers face the possibility of spending hours trapped at the airport—the University of Louisville’s swim and dive team has a few tips for entertaining yourself in the wake of flight delays.

All you need is a mostly empty moving walkway and a group of teens who have lost all sense of decorum during a seven-hour delay at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. (No judgment, it’s happened to everyone who has been trapped at an airport for hours on end.) The result is an amusing video straight out of the OK Go playbook, featuring the swim team working together to keep themselves entertained—and taking the world at large along for the ride.

The video also serves as a cautionary tale to holiday travelers—be sure to pack a book, a back-up book, and a deck of cards along with your phone because you never know when a flight delay will leave you stranded with time to kill and only a moving walkway to entertain you.

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