November 10, 2015 3:28 PM EST

Here’s a question that only true Game of Thrones fans can answer (without Google): In A Storm Of Swords what is the name of of the ruined castle Bran visits where, in Old Nan’s stories, the rat cook baked a prince in a pie and served it to the prince’s father the King of Andal?

A contestant on British quiz show Mastermind was able to correctly answer that and eight other genuine Game of Thrones stumpers that even George R.R. Martin may not have been able to answer on the spot.

Contestants on the British game show Mastermind are quizzed for two-and-a-half minutes on general trivia and then grilled for two minutes on a subject of their choice. On a recent episode, marketing executive Joe Errington chose to immerse himself in Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire, the book series that inspired Game of Thrones.

The host did not take it easy on him, throwing Errington some seriously deep trivia on the saga. Other questions included such brainteasers as “When Gormond Goodbrother comes to tell Aeron Damphair that his brother is dead, Aeron is offering up some of his men to their god. What method of death does this sacrifice involve?” and “What’s the name of the only ship whose captain agrees to take Quentyn Martell and Gerris Drinkwater to Meereen, the captains of all other ships refused because it’s too dangerous?”

Errington managed to answer, getting 10 points out of a possible 13 before the end of the round, only passing on one question: “In A Feast for Crows, what’s the name of the cook who works at the House of Black and White with Arya?” Think you know the answer? Watch the video above and see for yourself.

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