By Megan McCluskey
November 9, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence wants to set the record straight.

After an October interview with MTV News, during which Lawrence said that she almost never washes her hands after going to the bathroom, the 25-year-old actress has been repeatedly questioned about her personal hygiene habits. Now, she is coming clean about the truth.

Lawrence took to Facebook on Monday to put the hand-washing rumor to bed. “I hate talking to the Internet but I can’t get asked another question about my hygiene on this press tour,” she wrote. “Of course I wash my hands after going to the bathroom! (I can’t believe I’ve put myself in a situation where I even have to say that.) Anyway with all the rumors I’ve ever heard about myself this is the one I really had to put to rest.”

Of course, in typical J-Law fashion, the statement was accompanied by a comical video joking about the whole situation. See the full clip below:

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