By Nolan Feeney
November 9, 2015

Last month, the New York Times asked readers a question that has inspired great works of literature and many ethical debates: if you could travel back and time and kill Hitler when he was a baby, presumably stopping the events that led to World War II as far as we know, would you do it?

Now, a presidential hopeful is weighing in. The Huffington Post posed that question to Jeb Bush, who says was all in favor of a time-traveling mission to alter the course of history: “Hell yeah, I would!” he said. “You gotta step up, man.”

But Bush, referencing Back to the Future, said he was aware that messing with the events of the past could have unintended consequences.

“It could have a dangerous effect on everything else, but I’d do it — I mean, Hitler,” he said.

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