By Megan McCluskey
November 3, 2015

Jon Hamm offered his take on what happened to Don Draper after the finale of Mad Men on Monday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers. The 44-year-old actor spoke about the series’ ambiguous last scene, and said he was willing to bet that Draper headed straight back to work after dreaming up the famous Coca-Cola ad.

“All that’s left is this guy and basically he realizes, kind of in this moment of zen – this weird irony – that what he is really good at is selling people things that they don’t want. And Coca-Cola represents all that,” Hamm said. “So it’s this wonderful, awful irony of the whole show. But yeah, I’m willing to bet that Don Draper was on a plane the next day back to work and was like, ‘I got the great idea.'”

See the full discussion of the iconic ad man below:

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