See How ‘Bond’ Your Favorite Actor Is

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With Daniel Craig likely to give up the role of James Bond after Spectre, in theaters Nov. 6, the search is on for one of Hollywood’s most treasured roles.

Now you can nominate your choice for the next 007 from among a list of more than 3,800 actors that TIME compiled. To aid in your assessment, we created a Bond Rating for each of these actors (and actresses!) The point system works like this:

  • An actor gets four points if he or she is British, two if he or she is from Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.
  • Since new Bond actors average 40 years old, actors get up to four points for being near this age. (They lose a point for every three years from age 40.)
  • Given 007’s license to kill, actors get one point for every person they’ve offed in a previous movie, up to four, according to Cinemorgue.
  • They get one point for every five action, adventure or thriller movies they’ve appeared in, up to four.
  • And since we all know James Bond has a libido the size of MI6’s expense account, actors get one point for every previous sex scene, according to’s Hollywood Sex Scene Database.
  • By this rubric, only one actor achieves a 100 percent bond rating, while the average rating is 28 percent. To see the top finishers in our Bond Rating, click here.

    When you find an actor you like (regardless of his or her score), hit “Pick My Bond” to nominate him or her. TIME will tally the results anonymously and report back the winner soon.


    Our list comprises all actors who appeared in a top role in a major movie listed in the Internet Movie Database. The pool is limited to living actors and actresses between the age of 20 and 75.

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