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Even This Honest Trailer for Inside Out Is Not Immune to Bing Bong the Tearjerker

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No movie, it seems, is safe from Honest Trailers, not even a critically-adored blockbuster like Inside Out. In their latest video, the Screen Junkies team not only asks whether Riley is schizophrenic, but how, exactly, emotions are supposed to have their own emotions.

Inside Out was hailed as the latest Pixar masterpiece capable of appealing to both kids and their parents. As this video points out, however, the movie may tilt a little heavily toward the parents’ side. Leave aside the plotlines about dealing with depression and mental health issues; how are kids supposed to understand the part where Joy and Sadness become “non-figurative”?

As sarcastic as they can be, however, even the Honest Trailers team isn’t immune to Inside Out’s biggest gut-punch: Bing Bong. “Keep it together, voiceover guy,” the narrator intones after it takes him a couple tries to say Bing Bong’s name. Pour one out for all the Mr. Scuzzleworth’s we left behind.

The video finishes with a roundup of all the emotions not included in Inside Out’s five-member crack team. Sadness is great and all, but don’t forget empathy, reason, envy, tranquility, courage, hope, boredom, lust, and, most importantly, “that feeling you get when you pull dried glue off your fingers.”

This article originally appeared on EW.com

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