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Here’s (Almost) Every Haunted House From Scary Movies In One Video

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Every town has one: that one house on the hill or up the block or around the corner that kids will only visit on a dare. The house filled with rumors about previous owners who met unsavory ends. The ramshackle home with an overgrown lawn where an errant baseball will be given up for lost. The house that if it shows up in a movie you know you’re watching a horror flick.

A new supercut from Burger Fiction puts together some of the creepiest clips from movies like The Amityville Horror, The Orphanage, The Shining, A Haunting in Connecticut, The Visitor, Psycho, and more (the complete list is on YouTube). After watching the supercut, it’s eminently clear that while these houses may be creepy on the outside, they are far, far worse on the inside.


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