Portland, Oregon is full of surprises: Turn a corner and you’re in the middle of the largest wild park in the country, ask for directions and you’ll leave the conversation with a recommendation for the best local cider, and order “omakase” at what looks to be a sushi bar and you may end up with a plate of cheese.

Chizu has all the fixings of a classic Japanese sushi counter with floating origami cranes and bar-seating facing glass cases of food—except rather than sashimi, the cases are filled with Comté, soft Oregon goat cheeses, and German Sternschnuppe. Name a price and the cheese mongers behind the counter will arrange a variety of cheeses with nuts, honey, and chutney. Steve Jones, the owner of Chizu and its sister restaurant Cheese Bar, shares with us 10 foolproof ways to put together an elegant, delicious cheese plate at home:


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