By Tessa Berenson
October 22, 2015

It’s been more than two months since Jon Stewart signed off from The Daily Show, and now, according to his wife Tracey, he is “mayor at the smoothie store.”

“I pick ’em up,” Stewart told CBS of how he now has time to get his children from school. “I go to the car wash. I get smoothies. I call [Tracey] on the road and be like, ‘I’m eatin’ a slice in the car,’ you know.”

Stewart said he doesn’t miss the show, now hosted by Trevor Noah. “I feel like I completed it,” he said. “It’s when you feel like you complete a project to the best of your ability. When you’ve done the best that you think you’re able to do. …So I can’t regret. All I can do now is be happy that I had that opportunity. The joy is in creating it, in growing it, in evolving it. Maintaining it is the part that when it becomes rote or redundant, then you feel like, ‘Well, I’m not really adding a lot of value to this anymore, am I?'”

But he does miss the people he used to work with, so now they “bitmoji back and forth,” he said, referring to the popular app that allows you to make a cartoon avatar of yourself.

The Stewarts did the interview to help promote Tracey’s new book “Do Unto Animals,” billed as a “friendly guide” to make animals’ lives better.


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