Joe Biden Yearbook Photo
Joe Biden in 1965 at the University of Delaware.University of Delaware
Joe Biden Yearbook Photo
Biden And Family 1972
Jimmy Carter, Joseph Biden Jr,
Biden And Family 1985
Biden Campaign Begins 1987
Biden with Kennedy and Thurmond
Bill clinton air force one bosnia
Joe Biden Kabul 2002
Senator John Kerry, Senator Ben Nelson, Senator Joseph Biden, Senator Christopher Dodd, seated, and Senator Barack Obama.
Mike Gravel, Christopher Dodd, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, Dennis Kucinich
Joe Biden
USA - 2008 Presidential Election - Barack Obama Elected Prsident
USA - Politics - Vice President Joe Biden
US Vice President Joe Biden (L) arrives
President Obama Announces Death of Osama Bin Laden
The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC
Obama/Biden Camp Election Day Coverage
President Obama Signs The Violence Against Women Act
Pope Francis Addresses Joint Meeting Of U.S. Congress
Joe Biden in 1965 at the University of Delaware.
University of Delaware
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Oct 21, 2015
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