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October 16, 2015 12:12 PM EDT

It’s easy to feel like your failures are bigger and more permanent than everyone else’s failures.

I would know. As a high school senior, I was rejected by 10 of the 13 colleges I’d applied to—and as I looked around at all my friends, who were heading off to schools like Cornell and Columbia and Yale, I couldn’t help but feel like the least impressive, least intelligent, least promising person ever.

There was a lot of crying and wallowing. But after a couple months, I forced myself to move on so I could focus on enjoying my college experience and getting started on establishing my career.

Two years later, more than 800 of my articles have been published in places like Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., USA TODAY College, and The Daily Muse, and I’ve already gotten a couple job offers for when I graduate next June.

My point is that failure isn’t permanent. Even if you’re at a low point right now, that doesn’t say anything about your talent or potential.

To prove it, I’ve rounded up seven stories of super successful people who experienced and overcame failure.

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