This Cat’s Best Friend Is the Window Washer

1 minute read

When you are a cat living in a high-rise apartment, there’s not much action going on outside the windows—until the window washer comes by.

YouTube user Rina Takei’s channel is filled with videos of house cat Guinness playing with the man dangling outside the fourth story window. The cat’s interest is seemingly piqued the moment the big black safety rope appears out the window with the furball trying to bat at it through the glass.

When the man that the video description calls “Window Cleaning Uncle” appears, the fun really gets started. While the window is cleaned, the cat goes to town trying to either play with the squeegee or decimate the invader, depending on what you think about cats and their motives. The cleaner, protected from the cat’s assault by a sheet of glass, is more than happy to play along. If their friendship (or ongoing war) gets any cuter they might have to take it to the next level—which is the next floor, of course.

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