10 Major Bloopers That Somehow Stayed in the Movies

1 minute read

When Luke Skywalker made a very lucky shot that managed to bring down the Death Star in the first Star Wars film, he hurried back to the rebel base to celebrate with his friends. However, when he greeted Princess Leia, he didn’t call out her name—he called out the name of the actress playing the character. While normally a director would catch the mistake and simply order a retake of the scene, somehow the blooper ended up in the film to entertain eagle-eyed Star Wars fans for decades.

It’s just one of the movie moments that Screen Rant included in a new video that looks at some of the biggest bloopers that wound up in the final product. There are clips from Guardians of the Galaxy, North by Northwest, The Wizard of Oz and many more. The video is a fascinating seven-minute exploration of the editing process: some bloopers turned into happy accidents, thanks to an actor’s quick thinking, while others were the result of a director making due or getting very creative with the available footage.


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