October 6, 2015 1:05 PM EDT

After teaming up earlier this summer for “What They Say,” a song-and-dance number about not worrying what others think of you, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Todrick Hall joined forces again on Monday’s episode of Todrick. In their latest music video, “You Unfollowed Me,” Gordon-Levitt and Hall dress in drag and sing about two girls who were broken up with via social media.

The actor, who stars in The Walk, appears alongside the YouTube sensation as Mean Girls-esque teens intent on getting revenge on their boyfriends for unfollowing them on social media.

“Busted the windows out your car, baby, and it felt so good; wrote my name on your ‘Stang like Carrie Underwood,” the chorus goes. “We were supposed to be the new Jay-Z and B. Just like Brad and Ms. Jolie, but you unfollowed me.”

The duo also reminds us that getting dissed online isn’t the end of the world.

“You think you’re cooler than us? L-O-L,” they belt out. “You should do less, thanks. You might be smarter, but you’re balding and your breath stinks. We don’t have time for your reindeer games; you have no followers anyway.”

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