Supreme Court Won’t Challenge New York’s Vaccine Requirements for Children

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The Supreme Court will not hear a challenge to the state of New York’s requirement that kids get vaccinated before starting public school. Three parents had tried to challenge the requirement when their children were prohibited from going to school due to the rule, but an appeals court ruled against them and the Supreme Court is now allowing that ruling to stand, the Associated Press reports.

The lower court had ruled that the New York policy does not violate the constitutional rights of the children. The Associated Press reports that the appeals court also upheld a decision made by a judge that kids who were exempted from getting vaccines due to religious reasons could still be prohibited from attending school if there is a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak.

The emergence of vaccine-preventable disease cases nationwide, including a 2015 measles outbreak that was linked to California’s Disneyland theme park, have been traced to people who are not vaccinated. Concerns about the safety of vaccines are not founded in science.

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