October 1, 2015 1:13 PM EDT

Tennis is an innately dramatic sport, one that demands complete focus and dedication from its players and inspires reverent silence from its audience. But what if tennis could be—gasp—more dramatic? That is the question the Slow Mo Guys—two dudes who’ve built a career by filming various things in slow motion—have set out to answer with their newest video, Jelly Tennis.

Watch as the Slow Mo guys dramatically swat tennis rackets at large slabs of Jello while filming the act in—what else?—slow motion. The results are astounding and, yes, even more dramatic than tennis itself. (It helps that the video’s set to something that sounds sort of like slow-motion Enya.)

But what are the real-world applications of smacking Jello with a tennis racket, you ask? Well, as the two point out, they have inadvertently revolutionized the gummy-worm industry in the process. Perhaps they’ve changed the tennis world as well. Who’s to say Serena won’t request an all-Jello ball next year?

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