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Pope Francis Is Dropping a Pop-Rock Album

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First we found out One Direction and Justin Bieber are releasing albums on the same day in November, and now we learn Pope Francis is also dropping an album that month. Produced by Believe Digital, it will feature excerpts from the pontiff’s speeches in various languages accompanied by “uplifting” music, including “pop-rock” and Gregorian chant, Rolling Stone reported Friday.

The magazine’s website premiered a track from it called “Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!” in which the Pope can be heard addressing a South Korean audience “amid atmospheric synths, trumpeting horns and skyscraping electric guitars reminiscent of [rock band] Godspeed You! Black Emperor.”

The album can be preordered on iTunes.

Here Are the Best Instagram Photos of Pope Francis’ Visit

Pope Francis US Visit
Ronnie Junior posted this photo from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland saying "Preps at Andrews Air Force base".@ronnie_junior
Pope Francis US Visit
Jerry Cruz posted this photo from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland saying "His Eminence Cardinal Wuerl in the house".@jcruz1027
Pope Francis US Visit
Maria Clarissa B. Real posted this photo from Washington saying "Welcome to America Pope Francis, it was truly the most amazing experience to see you in person. I'm grateful to share this moment with my family and friends, god bless you always".@realclara
Pope Francis US Visit
Caitlin Schettino posted this photo from the Executive Office Building in Washington saying "Welcome to the White House, Pope Francis!".@caitlinschettino
Pope Francis US Visit
Kara Mazachek posted this photo from Constitution Ave, in Washington saying "Walked with Pope Francis today".@karamazachek
Pope Francis US Visit
Iván posted this photo from Washington saying "Blessed by Pope Francis. Honored to be here on this historic day. I love The Pope, my Pope".@ivanchb
Ryan Sandford posted this photo from Harewood Rd in Washington, DC saying "Welcome, Pope Francis!!".@rsandy93
Pope Francis US Visit
Richard Victor posted this photo from New York City saying "Awaiting Pope Francis".@richardvic
Kelvin Suddason posted this photoo from Michigan Ave in Washington, DC saying "Welcoming Pope Francis in all different was!".@kelvinsuddason
Pope Francis US Visit
Stefan Grimbacher posted this photo from New York City saying "Look who's in town".@stefang82
Pope Francis US Visit
Katie Oyama posted this photo from Washington DC saying "Welcome to DC Pope Francis!".@katieoyama
Erin Nicole Delgado posted this photo from 5th Ave in New York City saying "The pope and a random police officer".@__erin_nicole
Pope Francis US visit
Meg Connolly posted this photo from New York City saying "A very special moment: Pope Francis arriving at St. Patrick's Cathedral". @egconnolly
Carolyn M. Mueller-Quinlan posted this photo from Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, DC saying "Pope Francis what amazing experience!".@cmquinlan
Tiziana Lo Porto posted this photo from Lexington Ave in New York city saying "Peace & Pope".@tizianaloporto
Andrea Whittle posted this photo from Vesey St. in New York City.@saintbasilthegreat
Rachel Verbout posted this photo from Central Park in New York City.@rachelverbout
Michele Demko Murphy posted this photo from Philadelphia saying "The crowd is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Pope Francis".@mistysnowm
David Alberto Romo posted this photo from the Saints Peter & Paul's Cathedral in Philadelphia with the following quote: "Have the courage to be truly happy"-Pope Francis @davidalbertoromo
Sean Kardon posted this photo saying "Sisters say hello in Philadelphia".@sckardon

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