September 26, 2015 8:27 AM EDT


In Unit Stalked by Suicide, Veterans Try to Save One Another – New York Times Magazine

When evaluating the long-term support that veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will need, consider this: Federal spending for the care of World War I veterans peaked in 1969…more than half a century after their return from the trenches.

The Saints and Smugglers of Syria’s Civil War – Foreign Policy

A fascinating look at how diaspora populations can support revolutions, and the logistical nightmare that support sometimes entails.

Pope Francis Is Not ‘Progressive’—He’s a Priest – The Atlantic

The Pope defies simple labels of left and right. All interesting people do.

The Decline of the French Intellectual – Politico EU

With Europe beset by so many different crises over the past five years, perhaps the moment is less propitious for grand(iose?) French idealism than for solidly engineered German pragmatism….though both will be needed as the idea of Europe evolves.

The Avenger – New Yorker

Journalists go where others don’t, won’t, or can’t. They’re motivated by all sorts of things—in this case brotherly love. Where justice can’t be served, is it enough to find the truth?

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