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September 24, 2015 6:37 AM EDT

Pope Francis Meets America
The pontiff offers his vision of faith, duty and moral leadership in his first U.S. visit

Marco Rubio Earns His Place in the Republican Top Tier
The candidate proves himself with vision and patience

Why the World Doesn’t Have to Fear Japan
East Asia is one region we don’t have to worry about

American Students—and Politicians—Need to Stop Waging War on Reason
Being exposed to challenges does not infringe on our rights

Reigniting the Abortion Debate
How an anonymous spy with a video camera infiltrated Planned Parenthood

John Kasich Isn’t Angry
But that doesn’t mean he can’t be a GOP contender

The Martian Celebrates the Gutsy Ambition That We’ve Denied the Real NASA
Reviewing Ridley Scott’s new film

A Star Crosses Hollywood Boundaries at the Border
Emily Blunt stars in Sicario

Lana Del Rey’s Cinematic Honeymoon Isn’t So Sweet
Reviewing the singer’s new album

The Synth-Pop Evangelists of CHVRCHES
The Glaswegian stars are back with Every Open Eye

Love May Be Time’s Fool in Fates and Furies
Reviewing Lauren Groff’s new novel

FDR’s Final Year, and What Could Have Been
Reviewing Jay Winik’s new book

Quick Talk With Ken Jeong
The actor stars in a new show, Dr. Ken

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The Rise of the Suburban Spartacus
A new kind of race catches on

The Half-Empty Nest
Learning to parent all over again after one child leaves home

7 Questions With Nancy Meyers
The Intern writer-director on the state of the rom-com, women bosses and how she (may have) inspired Amy Schumer’s signature skit

The Fires That Aren’t Worth Fighting
By putting out small wildfires, we help create big ones

The Curves Ahead for Car Makers
A diesel deception at Volkswagen

Is a 529 Account the Best Way to Save for College?
Maybe not. Here’s why

Why Your Fast Food Is About to Come Even Faster
Order up!

The U.S. War Against ISIS Is Going Nowhere
Our strategy needs to be changed or dropped

The Hidden Cost of Helping Others

Drug-Price Hikes

Get Better Health Care

What’s In Your Snack?

Resurrection Science


Yogi Berra
Baseball legend, accidental philosopher

Jackie Collins
Hollywood novelist


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