Atlantic City Casino Can Regulate the Weight of Waitresses

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A state appeals court has ruled that the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, N.J., can regulate the weight of its waitresses, although it must not do so in a way that creates a hostile work environment, according to a report in the Associated Press.

The lawsuit was brought by 21 waitresses known at the Casino as “Borgata Babes.” According to the report: “The Borgata Babes are an integral part of the casino’s brand and marketing. The servers wear tight fitting corsets, high heels and stockings. The casino even produces a Borgata Babes calendar that is one of its top-selling items each year.”

The case was sent back to a lower court, however, to determine whether or not the appearance of waitresses was enforced in a way that constitutes harassment.

Attorney Deborah Mains says that the waitresses were “subjected to comments from supervisors asking whether they’re pregnant or just getting fat, and co-workers snorting like pigs at them,” according to the AP.

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