Quick Talk With Jewel

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When you write a personal song, is it scary to put it out into the world?

I don’t experience fear that way. I’ve always found music healing. It’s counterintuitive that the more transparent you are, the safer you are.

How have you evolved as a musician since your first album?

Twenty years later, you know too much about the industry. You have to get that out of your head and be willing to make art.

Why did you decide to do a duet with Dolly Parton?

When you grow up as a girl on a homestead, you don’t have many heroes in the public eye. Dolly had a similar lifestyle to me. She had no shame in being who she was. I asked her to sing, and she said yes. She was 10 minutes early, looked amazing and was witty and everything you’d hope she would be.

Did making the album and writing the book help you see yourself more clearly?

Most people go through a divorce and are like, “Why didn’t I just get drunk and have meaningless sex?” I write a memoir and a heartbreaking record, peel off every scab and stick my finger in them.

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