By Daniel White
September 15, 2015

Most Americans think Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to grant marriage licenses to gay couples, should be required to do so, according to a Washington Post-ABC poll.

Davis, an Apostolic Christian, believes that putting her name on a marriage license for a same-sex couple would be a violation of her faith. However, 63% of those surveyed believed Davis should be mandated to marry gay couples, despite her religious objects, compared to 33% who said she should not be forced to violate her beliefs.

Almost three-quarters of respondents said it was more important to treat everyone equally than to accommodate religious beliefs when they conflict with the law. That majority included 80% of Democrats surveyed, 75% of independents, and 66% of Republicans


Nearly half of respondents agreed with the decision by a federal judge to send Davis to jail for not complying with an order to issue the marriage licenses, while 16% held that Davis should have been ordered to comply, but opposed jail time.

The survey was conducted nationally September 7-10 with a sample of 1003 adults contacted by phone. Results have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5%.

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