By Maya Rhodan
September 15, 2015

Word to the wise from Johnny Depp: don’t even think about bullying the 52-year-old actor’s kids.

During a press conference at the Toronto Film Festival, where Depp was promoting his latest film Black Mass, the actor supported advice given by his character, gangster Whitey Bulger, in the film. In one scene, Bulger tells his son how to fight on the playground.

“If someone tried to bully my kid, if they didn’t destroy the little booger, I would,” Depp said.

Depp’s latest film is being billed as bit of a comeback for the actor, who has starred in a series of box office flops over the past couple of years. At the Toronto press conference, the actor jokingly said the film had “revived” his career, according to the Guardian. Black Mass will hit theaters on Sept. 18.

[The Guardian]

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