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Photographed for TIME on August 18, 2015 in New York City.
Photograph by Martin Schoeller

The Donald Had Landed
Trump’s 2016 hit show is driving the political elite crazy

Inside Preparations for the Pope’s Visit
The Archbishop who saved a diocese gets ready for Francis

A Strange New Way to Solve Crimes
The bacteria growing in and on the human body is so unique—and so revealing—that scientists believe germs will soon help catch bad guys

The China Decade
It’s been a rough summer for Beijing. But China is still poised to dominate—at least in the short term

Pop Chart

Review: Jonathan Franzen’s Purity Examines Wealth and Identity

Carly Rae Jepsen Brings a Grownup Note to Giddy Pop
Reviewing her new album, Emotion

Grandma Hits the Road With Vintage Style
Lily Tomlin stars in the new film

Hurricane Katrina and the Healing Power of Jazz
An excerpt from The Wind in the Reeds

Mr. Robot: The Antidote to True Detective Blues
Reviewing the new USA show

Quick Talk With Patrick Stewart
The actor stars in the new series Blunt Talk

Review: It’s Overcast Season at Beach House
The group is out with a new album, Depression

‘Escape Rooms’ Are Video Games Come to Life
The new pastime is like a Rubik’s cube that locks the door behind you

That Ageless Look
In Hollywood, it’s the ultimate prize. In real life, not so much

10 Questions With Beverly Johnson
The veteran supermodel reflects on her career and on coming forward about Bill Cosby

Hillary Clinton’s Stalled Bandwagon Exposes a Deeper Problem for Democrats
The email controversy continues

Modern Science Has a Publish-or-Perish Problem
Flaws are popping up in the peer review process

New Gear Helps You Monitor Your Home
Even when you’re not there

Planetary Clones
How Cities Save Water

Where Black Lives Matter Goes from Here

Thailand Reels After a Deadly Bombing

How China’s Economic Turmoil Affects Your Investments
You aren’t a currency trader. You don’t play in Shanghai’s boom-and-bust stock market. (It was only beginning to open to foreign investors when the crash hit.) But if you have some money in a 401(k) or an IRA, you have a stake in the news coming out of China, even if you hardly think of yourself as a global investor.

The Jewels of Chinese ‘Duplitecture’
China revealed an “oil bubble” statue in the northwest town of Karamay on Aug. 11 that is almost identical to Chicago’s reflective, beanlike sculpture Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor. The Windy City’s 2006 artwork is in good company; China has been creating knockoff monuments for years

Why Brazil Is Turning Against Its President

It Takes Much More Than Money to Fix Broken Schools

The Conservative Heart


Julian Bond
Civil rights leader

Sky Ladder


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