August 19, 2015 11:52 AM EDT

First days of school can be hard: What to wear. Where to sit. Who to be friends with.

Poor little Andrew Macias couldn’t even navigate all his feelings on camera when a reporter from KTLA 5 News asked the 4-year-old if he was excited for pre-kindergarten. Macias’ excitement took a devastating turn, though, when Courtney Friel asked him if he’d miss his mom. When he said no, her giggles spurred his giggles. But only until his face crumpled into devastation and heartbreak and tears.

Macias got a hug from his mom off camera, so we can all breathe easy. But we can’t help but wonder how great it would have been if someone in the background screamed, “He doesn’t even go here!”

Just your friendly reminder to call your mom today, people.

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