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August 19, 2015 7:21 AM EDT

Democratic presidential long-shot Martin O’Malley is lobbying rival Sen. Bernie Sanders to join him in challenging the Democratic National Committee’s control of the debates process. While both have been critical of the system, only O’Malley so far has indicated a desire to defy the party’s mandate of six televised contests starting in October. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton grew testy with reporters Tuesday questioning the handling of her private email server, maintaining once again that she never sent nor received emails that were marked classified at the time. Meanwhile, Clinton made her clearest break yet from the Obama Administration, condemning new drilling in the Arctic authorized by the White House. She also released a new television ad in Iowa and New Hampshire focused on rising income inequality—a central theme of her campaign.

Many Republicans will spend the day in New Hampshire talking about education reform and school choice at a summit, as they hope to get away from a Trump-dominated immigration debate. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker‘s healthcare proposal draws heavily on the Affordable Care Act it seeks to replace. Jeb Bush‘s donors overlap with his father’s and brother’s. And Donald Trump is causing the GOP heartburn in its efforts to reach out to Hispanic voters.

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Sound Off

“Like with a cloth or something?” — Hillary Clinton asked if she wiped her email server Tuesday in a contentious press conference

“How dare a city keep Uber out to protect the taxi industry. That’s just wrong. So, free Uber.” — Ohio Gov. John Kasich at the Des Moines Register Soapbox

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