Ed Debevic's Rude Waitress - Viral Video

The Internet Is Obsessed With This Video of a Rude Waitress

Aug 17, 2015


A video of a snarky waitress berating her customers at a Chicago diner has gone viral.

But at Ed Debevic’s, the staff is actually paid to be rude to patrons. The unique restaurant prides itself on its ill-mannered servers.

In the clip, a waitress with a "Cherry" name-tag tells off a group for a variety of offenses: ordering off the kids’ menu, being cheap by drinking water and more.

The waitress even admits she would probably get fired if she provided polite service.

“If I was nice to you, I’d get canned,” she says. “If you want good service, you go somewhere else. I know Hooters is probably more your speed but you came here on purpose.”

The video was posted on Facebook by LaNetta Limb Maxfield and has been viewed over three million times since Aug. 10.

The name is Hairy. NOT Cherry. Thanks for reminding us, @watchmeayrayr! #eddebevics

A photo posted by Ed Debevic's (@eatateds) on Aug 6, 2015 at 12:17pm PDT

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