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A few months ago, we shared a list of the craziest new baby names parents had coined in 2014. Now, we’d like to call attention to a more specific baby name trend: turning words into names.

Sure, word names have been around for a while (think Rose, Grace or Faith), but as Nameberry points out, it seems the craze started to get a bit out of hand in 2014. Here’s a look at some of the most outrageous words-turned-names that appeared on the official Social Security list in 2014.

  • Alias–Well, this is just confusing. An alias, by definition, is a false or assumed identity. But in this case it’s being used as someone’s primary identity. It doesn’t make any sense. Just call your kid Joe or something.
  • Awesome–You want your kids to be confident, yes, but literally being called “awesome” every single day? That might cause some unnecessary arrogance.
  • Boss–Nobody can be called Boss except The One True Boss, Bruce Springsteen. Sorry.
  • Couture–There will be so much pressure on these girls to dress well all the time. Also, you know everyone will have a tough time pronouncing “Couture” correctly.
  • Eliminate–Why?
  • Gamble–What are the parents who chose this planning to name their next child? Rollthedice?
  • Halo–If parents named their kids after the violent video game, then no. But the Beyoncé song? Yes.
  • Harsh–This kid will probably get a lot of Clueless references directed his way.
  • Indica and Sativa–Everyone is totally going to assume this kid is high all the time, and that’s just not fair.
  • Kindle–Maybe the babies named Kindle will find friends named Nook, and feel less alone.
  • Zeppelin–No complaints here. This is actually a totally badass name.

(h/t Nameberry)

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