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August 11, 2015

Like any other major Internet company, Twitter constantly receives various information requests from governments and copyright notices, and it’s been publishing that data twice a year since 2012.

Along with its latest report on Tuesday, the company added two new categories: trademark notices and email privacy practices, though data for these is only available for the latest reporting period. It’s also redesigned the report’s website to make it more mobile-friendly and easier to navigate.

Overall, the most notable data point is the 52% increase in account information requests since Twitter’s last report six months ago, for a total of 4363 requests. The company says that this is the biggest bump in requests it’s seen since it started publishing the data. This spike affected 78% more accounts, Twitter said. The U.S. remains the top source of these requests with2,436 made in the time period. Turkey, a country which has banned Twitter on multiple occasions, made 2% fewer requests since the last report.

In total, removal requests went up by 26% and copyright notices by 11%.

The company is also continuing to update Chilling Effects, a database of government-issued content takedown requests it receives.

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