Burger King
August 11, 2015 2:43 PM EDT

Burger King is looking beyond burgers with its latest offering: a spicy version of its popular chicken fries.

“We wanted to make sure it delivered for people who like spicy food,” Eric Hirschhorn, Burger King’s chief marketing officer, told Bloomberg on the launch of the new Fiery Chicken Fries. “The idea is that it’s so spicy it might actually offend you.”

Chicken fries were resurrected after a 2014 BuzzFeed post included them in a list of “35 Foods From Your Childhood That Are Extinct Now.” The fries, which are actually elongated chicken strips served in portions of nine, were an instant hit. Fiery chicken fries will have cayenne and black pepper for the differentiating kick.

The spicy chicken fries will be available for one month initially, but if customers respond positively, Burger King may extend their run.


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