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August 11, 2015 11:02 AM EDT

The Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush campaigns got into a Twitter argument on Monday regarding education policies.

It began when a tweet was sent from Clinton’s account with a link to page that outlines the candidate’s plan for reducing student debt. The tweet read, “Costs won’t be a barrier. Debt won’t hold you back.”

When Bush’s campaign spotted the tweet, it responded with its own that said student debt increased by 100% during the 8 years the Democrats have been in the White House.

Clinton’s campaign hit right back with a photoshopped version mocking the picture sent out from Bush’s account, claiming that college in Florida was not affordable during his leadership.

Bush’s tweeters then diverted the conversation to taxes with a photoshopped version of Clinton’s logo suggesting that taxes will increase if she is elected president. When Clinton didn’t respond, Bush tweeted at her again refuting her claim about college affordability in Florida. The entire exchange follows:

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