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Twenty-five years after a pair of criminals made off with $500 million worth of art in a Boston museum, the FBI is asking for the public’s help to solve the crime.

Authorities have released video footage related to the March 1990 robbery of the Isabella Stewart Garden Museum, in which two men made off with 13 pieces of art, including works by Rembrandt and Vermeer. The men, who have never been caught, handcuffed a pair of security guards and wrapped their heads in duct tape before stealing the art, according to the Washington Post.

The new video footage, however, is actually from the night before the theft. It shows an unidentified man getting out of a car that matches a description of the robbers’ vehicle and entering the museum. The man talks to one of the security guards that would end up handcuffed the next night for several minutes. The FBI is asking the public to help identify the man who talked to the guard.

The Gardner heist is the largest single property crime in U.S. history, and progress in its investigation has come in fits and starts. In 2013 the FBI said it had identified the robbers, who were part of a larger criminal organization. However, the FBI has not named them, and they still haven’t been apprehended.

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