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Here Are 37 of Our Favorite TIME Virtual Reality Memes

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The Aug. 17, 2015, TIME cover, featuring Oculus Rift inventor Palmer Luckey using his virtual reality headset, has inspired countless memes. Below are some of our favorites. And you can read the cover story, which is about how virtual reality will revolutionize the way we play, here:

@stillgray , the Times cover of @PalmerLuckey perfectly captures the reality of VR: you look silly but feel amazing. pic.twitter.com/RpdvNcwTO4

— ashertaz (@ashertaz) August 6, 2015

We are just getting started.... CC @hmltn @oculus @PalmerLuckey @TIME pic.twitter.com/JV5QRRYSrZ

— Robert McGregor (@ID_R_McGregor) August 6, 2015

.@TIME I got a cover for ya pic.twitter.com/doFAmZdj7o

— matt ufford (@mattufford) August 6, 2015

#timemagazine - http://t.co/BQCpMD8dgU - https://t.co/BE4eQlhYFJ

— CS:GO Esport Feed (@EsportFeed) August 6, 2015


— christmas evan (@evcon) August 6, 2015

your brain on rift cc @TIME pic.twitter.com/h9e5kbE0Ct

— Cale Bradbury (@netgrind) August 6, 2015

Where's Palmer? http://t.co/LCmPUSlXHK pic.twitter.com/3h2aU5nMMX

— The Verge (@verge) August 6, 2015

@therealcliffyb Couldn't resist. ;) pic.twitter.com/4NQKsHyYT7

— Sean Pelletier (@PellyNV) August 6, 2015

.@dailydot @TIME Had to be done. pic.twitter.com/9J6baadKSv

— shobon ☃ (@beat_shobon) August 6, 2015

@therealcliffyb pic.twitter.com/YuQXyg9GkJ

— Devon (@devonsoft) August 6, 2015

Boy, Time has really lost the plot with this cover. pic.twitter.com/lyI3ulVd3r

— Justin “Hoops” McElroy (@JustinMcElroy) August 6, 2015

I'm pretty stoked for this issue of @TIME pic.twitter.com/J0Cr56TJB3

— Jordan Minor 📕🎮 (@JordanWMinor) August 6, 2015

The Palmer Luckey amiibo looks pretty dope pic.twitter.com/NJIk1VzqRn

— "Detroit's Own" Dali D (@DaliDimovski) August 6, 2015

Palmer Luckey's movie career is really taking off. pic.twitter.com/ZJcwn13tER

— "Detroit's Own" Dali D (@DaliDimovski) August 6, 2015

First costume for #LaraCroftGO unveiled! pic.twitter.com/0IteBAixYN

— Onoma (@StudioOnoma) August 6, 2015

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