This photo of model Ymre Stiekema for a Bugaboo shoot has caused an uproar among mothers after it was posted on social media.
Photograph by Duy Vo for Vogue Netherlands and Bugaboo
July 29, 2015 11:20 AM EDT

All it took was one photo posted on Facebook and Instagram, and stroller company Bugaboo is learning that hell hath no fury like busy mothers scorned.

The Dutch maker of high-end baby pushchairs posted a picture last week of 23-year-old Dutch model Ymre Stiekema running with her 2-year-old daughter. Stiekema was jogging with her $800 Bugaboo stroller, but was also dressed in a black-and-white bikini in a brand photoshoot with Vogue Netherlands. The kind of attire, you know, one normally sees on mothers who are taking a run in the park. “See how model and mum Ymre Stiekema stays fit and healthy with the Bugaboo Runner,” the caption reads.

That post has earned attracted over 590 comments (and counting) on the brand’s Facebook page, mostly from mothers who feel the image is a tad unrealistic. “I’m not gonna cus [sic] her out for what she’s wearing but I have 2 children and if was running in this on the school run it would be because I’d forgotten to put my clothes on because we’re late for school, my 5 year old had fallen off his scooter, my 2 year old refuses to put his shoes on and there’s a good chance I haven’t had the time to do my bikini line. There’s an image to leave you with,” summarized one commenter.

Some have used sarcasm to get their point across on the realities of juggling motherhood and staying fit. “So thaaaat’s what I have been doing wrong….. I need to jog with my baby in a Bugaboo to get my beach body back. 😉 ,” said one commenter. “Do you get a personal trainer after birth when you by [sic] this?” said another.

To be fair, some commenters also recognize the nature of the marketing campaign by Bugaboo and their aims of publicizing their Bugaboo Runner, a stroller designed to be used while running. The company also released a statement to NBC Today defending the depiction of Stiekema. “We want to inspire moms and dads everywhere to explore the world with their families, while keeping up with an active and healthy lifestyle,” they said. “We believe that all parents should run free no matter where they are on their fitness journeys and what they choose to wear on their runs.”

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