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Watch Jurassic Park Recut With Everyone in High Heels

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Jurassic World is setting records at the box office this summer, but it has also drawn more than a little criticism for its portrayal of the leading woman, Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) as harping and helpless. The character’s image was probably not improved by the fact that she spends most of the movie running away from lethal beasts in high heels.

YouTube user XVP Comedy has posted a parody of the Jurassic Park world in which every character wears high heels, complete with high-definition sound of the clickety-clack of the shoes on the ground. Even the dinosaurs do not escape this stilettoed fate — they are dressed in “footwear 65 million years in the making.” Check out the video to see just how ridiculous it would be put all of our heroes in alluring yet impractical high heels.

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