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July 20, 2015 6:35 AM EDT

Donald Trump‘s criticism of Sen. John McCain‘s military service on Saturday proved to be a bridge too far for the GOP, which has tolerated and courted the reality television star-turned-presidential candidate. After weeks of quiet frustration, the Republican Party and its multitude of candidates unleashed their pent-up fury at the man holding the top spot in their primary polls.The controversy has freed up Republicans, wary of alienating Trump’s angry and vocal supporters, license to condemn the candidate. Already former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is calling for Trump to drop out of the presidential race, as a host of fellow candidates are calling his comments suggesting that McCain, who was tortured as a prisoner of war for nearly six years after being shot down over Vietnam, was not a war hero, disqualifying for a White House aspirant. Trump, for his part, penned a defiant op-ed Sunday in USA Today proclaiming that he doesn’t “need to be lectured,” indicating that he has no plans to go anywhere.

Also on Saturday, Democratic candidates Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders faced hostile receptions at the liberal Netroots Nation conference from protestors seeking to raise awareness of tensions between the African-American community and law enforcement. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton skipped the conference, avoiding a similar reception, but still faces doubts from her party’s grassroots.

In Washington, President Obama is set to formally send the Iran nuclear agreement to Congress for its consideration. Lawmakers have 60 days to review the deal, but only a veto-proof margin of two-thirds in each chamber could block its implementation, a threshold critics are unlikely to meet. In New York, the UN Security Council is set to formally endorse the agreement. And Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will deliver a speech in Tallahassee Monday titled “Taking on Mt. Washington,” highlighting his record in office and how he hopes to lead in the nation’s capital.

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Sound Off

“You’ll have to ask Hillary Clinton about her views on whether she thinks we should break up these large financial institutions. I do. … You will have to ask her views on whether we should re-establish Glass-Steagall.” — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders pressing his Democratic presidential primary rival on her commitment to banking reform

“I mean it was a terrible place for me when I started. It was horrible. It was like the worst experience of my life…It was just, like, atrociously bad.” — Former Republican National Committee Chief Technology Officer Andy Barkett on his time at the national party Saturday at a GOP tech conference. He is now working for Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign.

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