July 15, 2015

Susan Sarandon may soon be one of the few 68-year-olds smoking joints with famous rappers.

After listening to rap anthem “1Train,” the Academy Award winner tweeted at rappers Action Bronson and A$AP Rocky, inviting them to clarify the meaning of her name-drop in the song over a joint.

On the track, Action Bronson raps, “You see us scramblin’, sellin’ Susan Sarandon/ the cloud of smoke like the Phantom.”

According to Complex, the lyric likely refers to Sarandon’s very public support of marijuana legalization.

Most recently, Sarandon told High Times magazine that she thinks people should smoke weed instead of drinking alcohol.

Sarandon is about two years late to the song — “1Train” came out in early 2013. Action Bronson and A$AP Rocky have yet to tweet back at the actress, but that is a gathering we’d love to see.

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