July 13, 2015 2:36 AM EDT

This weekend, it was raining money — specifically, €50 notes — at a campsite in a small German town, UPI reports. The equivalent of $200,000 in cash started falling from a tree’s branches on July 11 after the plastic bag in which it appeared to have been hidden came undone.

The bag had been hanging on a pipe between two branches, but after a heat wave struck the Mirow area in Germany, the pipe bent, UPI says. An elastic tying the bag shut then snapped, causing the money to slip out of the bag and fall to the ground. A group of passersby discovered the cash floating down from the tree.

According to UPI, police are currently searching for the original owner of the cash. They suspect the mysterious bag may have to do with a cottage fire that took place on the site earlier in the week. Sources say the owners of the campsite claim the money is theirs, but police are still investigating.

If police don’t confirm the owners after six months, the people who found the money will be entitled to the entire sum, UPI reports. They have already received a $6,000 reward for reporting their findings.


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