July 8, 2015 6:34 PM EDT

Man, that stock market weirdness on Wednesday was a little weird, right?

You probably want to watch a bear cub fall asleep in its mom’s arms, right?

Cool. We got you. These bears are from Poland, and their video comes courtesy of Goska Zdziechowska – you may remember her as the Cheetah Experience volunteer with a jealousy-inducing friendship with a cheetah. Goska films the pair throughout some feeding and playtime, including the point at which mama bear gets kind of annoyed with the baby, and sort of just falls asleep mid-snuggle session, which every mother out there can probably relate to.

Here are a few songs you could play while you watch this: “Dear Mama” by 2Pac, which features the line, “You are appreciated,” something moms can always be told more. “Mama,” by the Spice Girls. Or – little bit of a left turn here – “I Wanna Be a Bear,” by The Descendents.

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