July 7, 2015 5:24 PM EDT

Drake snagged a seat at Wimbledon’s Serena Williams/Venus Williams match on Monday — and he also, apparently, snagged the opportunity to hang out with living tennis legend Billie Jean King:

First, take a moment to appreciate how good this photo is. But then, we invite you to note that Ms. King is not saying that it was nice to meet Drake. She is saying it was fun to catch up with Drake. This seems to imply that they are old pals who were just chummin’ it up together at Wimbledon. This was just them catching up in person, but they obviously text each other on the reg.

What do this 28-year-old Canadian rapper and this 71-year-old tennis legend talk about? Sadly, we’ll never know for sure, but we imagine it might go something like this:

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