Watch John Oliver Cover 15 Topics in 1 Minute Flat

1 minute read

John Oliver is known for diving deep into complex topics on HBO’s Last Week Tonight. The show was off on Sunday in honor of the Fourth of July — what Oliver refers to as the “annual American tradition of reminding the sky who runs sh*t” — but that didn’t stop Oliver from producing yet another segment that’s destined to go viral.

In a web-only bonus episode, Oliver flipped the script, covering 15 topics in one minute, rather than his usual one- topic-in-15-minutes formula.

The result? A flash of, well, rather arbitrary opinions about, among other things, ostriches, the food chain, orgies, banjoes, bagels and the fact that Lenny Kravitz and Al Roker are cousins (yes, it’s true), that Oliver dubbed “shallow dives.” Dive in!

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