Jim Carrey Brands California Governor ‘Fascist’ Over Vaccine Law

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Jim Carrey left his 14 million Twitter followers in no doubt about his feelings on California’s tough new vaccination law on Tuesday.

The actor believes there is a link between vaccines and autism. He branded California Gov. Jerry Brown a “corporate fascist” after he signed into law one of the strictest immunization programs in the country earlier in the day.

In a series of more than half a dozen tweets that ended in a flurry of capital letters, the Golden Globe winner insisted he was “pro-vaccine.” He was only “anti-neutrotoxin,” he said, repeating his claim that ingredients such as thimerosal and mercury carry a risk to children…

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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective The 1994 film was Carrey's breakout role.Warner Bros.
The Mask Carrey plays Stanley Ipkiss, who goes from quiet office worker to cartoonish trickster with the help of a titular mask.New Line Cinema
Dumb and Dumber As Lloyd Christmas, Carrey played the incompetent best friend to Jeff Daniels' equally doltish Harry Dunne.New Line Cinema
Batman Forever As clever as he is devious, the Riddler was another pitch-perfect role for Carrey.Warner Bros.
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Bruce Almighty Carrey played a TV reporter who gets a chance to play God.Universal
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Kick-Ass 2 As Colonel Stars and Stripes, Carrey led the band of superheroes called Justice Forever. Universal
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Dumb and Dumber To This sequel picks up 20 years after the first one finished, and it hits theaters Nov. 14.Universal



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