June 30, 2015 5:49 PM EDT

“If you love strippers but wish you could see all the mundane details of their daily lives,” the voice-over for this Magic Mike spoof trailer says, “prepare to watch a lot of that, you weirdo.”

It’s the latest “honest trailer” from the YouTube channel Screen Junkies, which recently brought us teasers for Toy Story and Cinderella. Just in time for the sequel, Magic Mike XXL, we are invited to take a look back at the film that started it all.

The trailer points out that it’s really just “two un-sexy hours full of thong purchasing, crumpled bill straightening, loan applying, furniture evaluating, bookkeeping and talking about the stock market.” Then, it invites us to “get swept away by the film’s fantasy romance that would have you believe Mike would ditch a life of casual threesomes with Olivia Munn to pursue a sourpuss who can’t laugh like a human being.”

This is all pretty spot-on — but obviously not going to stop us from seeing Magic Mike XXL.

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