8 Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow and Learn From

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Typically, when we discuss social media networks, it’s in regard to marketing our businesses, engaging with our target markets or some other business-related use. Instagram, while effective for marketing in some situations, serves as a source of something every entrepreneur can never have enough of — inspiration.

Being able to peek into the daily lives of successful individuals through images and 15-second video clips can provide you with constant inspiration as well as give you that extra motivation when you feel exhausted or frustrated. You can even think outside the box and copy their strategies to make money with Instagram yourself!

Here are eight profiles that I recommend every entrepreneur follow and learn from.

1. Richard Branson

Branson (@richardbranson) is an individual that every entrepreneur looks up to — he is highly successful, constantly innovating and always having fun. He updates his Instagram profile with a healthy mix of motivational quotes, personal travels and adventure, as well as business related activities.

Does Branson travel to exotic locations and live a life full of luxuries? Yes, but he also works extremely hard — and his high energy is summed up well with this quote: “To stand still today is to go backwards — and quickly.”

2. Pete Cashmore

As the founder and CEO of Mashable, you would assume that Cashmore (@petecashmore) would have an extremely creative Instagram account — and he does. The pictures that are posted don’t feel staged and they aren’t trying to sell the viewer anything. They paint a real picture of what the day-to-day life of a successful CEO is like.

There are pictures taken while out and about, a few selfies and let’s not forget about food pictures — the images closely resemble what the average Instagram user posts, except the locations are more exotic and the food is more expensive.

3. Mark Cuban

It seems like Cuban (@mcuban) makes every entrepreneur list, and rightfully so. He is extremely successful and someone that aspiring entrepreneurs look up to. I included his Instagram profile on this list for one main reason though, and that it to show you that a work-life balance is possible, even for the busiest entrepreneurs.

A quick look at Cuban’s Instagram will reveal pictures at business functions, at the gym and with his family. This is proof that there is always time for health and fitness as well as family — it just takes dedication and impeccable time management.

4. Timothy Sykes

Sykes (@timothysykes) is a penny stock expert that turned $12,415 into more than $4.2 million and now teaches his strategy to students all over the world. He is also a fellow Entrepreneur.com contributor and happens to have an extremely popular Instagram account.

Sykes takes pictures of his travels around the world. He is a great example of living the dream. He took his passion and what he was good at — trading penny stocks — and turned it into a successful business. Look at Sykes pictures and know that you can have the same if you apply yourself and aren’t afraid of hard work.

5. GapYearEscape.com

This is an account owned by the entrepreneur behind the website GapYearEscape.com (@gapyearescape), Amar, who has been traveling the world since 2009. He shares images from his world travels and posts a good mix of breathtaking scenery as well as shots of him partaking in adventure.

While some Instagram pages can be construed as straight bragging, this account isn’t a boasting account, it’s just inspiring. It serves as great motivation to those that are truly intrigued by the possibilities of traveling the world.

6. Zig Ziglar

I’m a huge fan of motivational quotes — and Ziglar’s (@thezigziglar) Instagram profile is a constant source of new ones that I haven’t seen before and old classics that still provide inspiration every single time I read them.

By following this Instagram account you will see a steady flow of motivational quotes that can help inspire you along your entrepreneurial journey. While these motivational quotes can provide personal inspiration, don’t keep them to yourself — share them with your team and inspire them as well.

7. Dennis Crowley

One quick look at Crowley’s (@dens) Instagram would lead many to believe it was an account belonging to an active outdoorsman that loved to play golf and participate in any physical activity, and not the founder of Foursquare.

Crowley’s pictures are inspirational because you get the sense that he is just one of the guys. Billionaire entrepreneurs are just like everyone else — the only difference is they put in the hard work and didn’t quit, no matter what obstacles were thrown in their way.

8. Entrepreneur Magazine

You already read Entrepreneur.com, and you should also be following Entrepreneur’s Twitter account — why not also follow the number-one source of entrepreneurial insight’s Instagram account (@entrepreneur) as well?

Along with great quotes and motivational images, the account also features behind-the-scenes images and video clips of some of the most successful and brilliant entrepreneurs while in the company’s office for interviews. Expect some interactive contests as well, like May’s Photo-a-Day Challenge, currently featured.

This article originally appeared on Entrepreneur.com.

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